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For the first time ever we are introducing the top 10 photos of 2022. A unique look back on an incredible year in Surrey through the lens of our camera. Please scroll below and enjoy!


This image was taken during summer county week and captures Kate and Rosie filming a special message for the Surrey Tennis social media. By all accounts this attempt took quite a while to finalise as the girls battled fits of laughter during the process!


This image made the shortlist as it highlights the fact that representing Surrey is about comradery and enjoyment above all else.



This photo captures a St Georges College school boys team proudly showing off their medals and trophy at our Surrey Schools Festival back in May.


We really liked this photo as it is clear to see how happy and joyful the young players are to have been crowned champions. We always like an infectious smile and this photo certainly delivers!


This image was taken during our Surrey County Championships this summer and captures young Surrey player Xavier lining up for a backhand down the line. 

It was the total passion in this photo that made it stand out and why it was added to our shortlist.



Our annual golf day in support of MNDA was another roaring success as we helped raise awareness and funds for the incredible work the MNDA do in the fight against Motor Neurone Disease.

This image captures our winning team as they lift the world famous Surrey Tennis golf day trophy! The smiles say it all, it had to make the shortlist.


This photo was snapped out our County Championships wheelchair event in partnership with Middlesex Tennis at the AELTC Community Sports Ground.

We captured Surrey's Thomas Dodds coming very close to nailing a crosscourt forehand which drifted just wide. The strain in his face sums up how frustrating our sport can be.



We always enjoy the chance to photograph some of Surrey's rising stars and Jesse Clarkson is certainly a star. This was taken at our County Championships as he reached up to hit a blazing ace out wide.

The movement and dynamism captured in the photo cemented its place on the shortlist.


2022 saw our first 'Coach of the Quarter' award presented and our Q3 winner was Amy Cairns from Esher Tennis. As part of winning the award, Amy received a dedicated photoshoot to capture her at work!

There were some really great shots from the photoshoot but we felt this image really captured Amy's passion for coaching and in particular her extremely high standards of detail and focus.



We always love to see the pride our players have when wearing the Surrey shirt and we are honoured to see our Surrey shirts being worn at tournaments across the world!


Our County Championships this year was filled with Surrey tops and this photo was from the first day when the weather was on our side, making it one of our favourite photos of the year!


This photo was taken during a demo by our County Performance Manager Justin Sherring at our Surrey Coaches Conference. The demo focused on Justin's approach to performance coaching and in particular how he approaches the coaching of Max Carrier who helped with the demo.

The composition of the photo is very powerful with an out of focus Max looking to Justin as he addresses the other coaches in attendance.



Who doesn't love an action shot? This was snapped at our summer Surrey Knockouts finals day at Magdalen Park Tennis Club and captures Kieron Tiddy flying through the air to hit a cross court backhand volley in his 45+ men's final.

The timing of the photo and its significance in a final made it one of our favourite shots from the day!

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