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Summer Season

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Winter Season


The Wilson Surrey Leagues is our flagship competition and also one of the largest competitions in Great Britain. The Wilson Surrey Leagues are played on weekends and during the week. They include numerous events including Men's/Women's OPEN, Mixed, Men's/Women's Midweek and VETS events.

The format of the Wilson Surrey Leagues is made up of many divisions, where teams are promoted and relegated each year. The winter and summer leagues run separately, so promotion/relegation in one season will only impact the same season the following year.

Each season a team will have up to 5 matches and each match is against another club in Surrey. Matches consist of 4 player teams is doubles only. We are lucky to have such a variety of standards across the leagues, from those new to competition to professional tennis players. If you have any questions about the Wilson Surrey Leagues then contact us HERE.

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