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Wigmore LTC



Clubhouse Refurbishment



Daykin Marshall Studio &

20/20 Seven


Advantage Red

Artificial Clay

The court surface chosen

in this project



For the project to be



per court

The average cost 

per court



The annual spend for maintenance of the new courts

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Court Resurfacing at Redhill LTC

Over the past 4 years Redhill Tennis Club has upgraded 5 out of its 8 hard and artificial grass courts to artificial clay. The original process started as we were looking for an alternative surface that could be played upon virtually all year that was cost effective, durable, had an extended guarantee and was relatively easy to maintain. We consulted with several local clubs who had recently installed this surface and took advise from the LTA & Surrey Tennis. It became quickly apparent that it was very popular with players of other clubs and for Redhill it could give us an upgraded surface that was only unplayable with lying snow. The configuration & age of the club’s courts helped the committee to decide upon initially replacing 2 adjoining artificial grass surfaces.

Redhill 3.jpeg

Quotations were sought and received from 3 approved local contractors who were all members of the SAPCA. Upon receipt different options of artificial clay were quoted and again advice was sought from other clubs and bodies to which surface was preferred and gave the best playing /guarantee options as the cheapest price is not necessarily the best. The committee decided upon using Advantage Red Artificial Clay quoted by Trevor May Contractors. Replacement took about 10 days which included the removing the artificial grass, checking the level & condition of the tarmac subsurface, drilling drainage holes, and replacing the concrete edging. Thereafter the carpet was installed then filled with the red ceramic treated infill.

The club found immediately that 90% of members wanted to play on the clay and it was their preferred choice of surface compared to the hardcourts. The advantages are and include regular slow bounce, less muscle strain and injuries and a consistent year-round playing surface.

"90% of members wanted to play on the clay"

As the courts were so well received it was decided to start a programme of upgrading 3 other hardcourts that were in need of replacement and as shown on the club’s court booking system the clay remains hugely popular. Maintenance is carried out once a year by specialist contractors who top up the infill and mechanically sweep and redistribute same which is very important. The cost per court per year equates to approximately £450.00. In addition, it is very important that members sweep the courts after every match which was difficult to engrain initially but now most players undertake this task. The surface itself is guaranteed for 10 years and on average it has cost £27k per court to upgrade although recently we think this has increased due to inflation etc. 

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