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Tennis can be adapted for any level of ability, as well as for players with different disabilities. It can be adapted to make it easier, slower, and simpler to participate in. It is also a great sport to play too, with proven physical and mental health benefits for disabled people.

All the equipment and aids you need can be supplied to give the sport a go. There are sports wheelchairs if you have a physical disability and require the use of a wheelchair, and tennis balls that make a noise when they bounce if you’re visually impaired enabling you to track the ball with your hearing. There’s nothing stopping you from giving it a go and having just as much fun playing the game as everyone else.


Incorporating disability tennis in your club/Venue can be a very rewarding process and will open up your club/venue to a whole new audience. There are a number of ways you can make your club/venue more inclusive. We suggest getting in touch with our Tennis Manager, Tim Sagar to discuss what options you have. To get in touch, simply fill out the contact form below.

Thank you for getting in touch

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